Salmon avocado sushi

Love the bowl! And what a great idea!

Electric Blue Food

Among the perks of living in Sweden there is cheap salmon found at every grocery store. Maybe not as cheap as I used to find it on a regular basis in neighbouring Norway, but still shamefully cheap compared to other countries. And it comes straight from neighbouring Norway, so it can be considered a local good. Another wonderful thing is that Sweden has been quite engaged in multiculturalization, so a lot of food-related products from different traditions can be foud as easily.

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Time for a Change….

Hi everyone!

A funny kind of post today, and maybe emotional!

So sorry I haven’t really been keeping you updated recently but I’ve just had so much work to do and still do and will do in the future. This brings me onto my announcement….

Since starting here I’ve felt a confirmation that I’ve changed over the past year like most years but this has meant I’ve started writing a new blog, which you may or may not have seen, to reflect this.

It’s called:-

Juggling blogs has proved harder than I expected and I think it’s therefore not time to stop blogging, but to have a transition stage from My Life In Scandi to Birdie’s Bits and Bobs.

Some of the themes are the same; reporting on life in Scandi and latest shenanigans, however, new themes will start to emerge such as the development of my interest in the beauty and fashion/photography world. More focus on other bloggers and vloggers will appear, with hopefully lots of inspiration, or certainly posting on what inspires me and what I like anyway!

So hopefully this is ok and bye for now (or see you later at Birdie’s Bits and Bobs) ! Thanks for reading my posts if you have and hopefully it was a nice read. To be continued on my second blog…. 😉

I’m back! (And I arrived almost a month ago….oops!)

Hello! It’s me again! You’re probably wondering who I am after ages with no posts!

Sorry 😦 I’ve just been so busy lately (and still am!) but finally got a tiny little bit of time to update you.

I arrived in the middle of August to Stockholm and had a lovely holiday with my family before arriving at my new home for a while, Borlänge.

As you know, I’m now studying the International Tourism Management Bachelor Programme at Dalarna University, at the Borlänge campus.

I’m living in a student apartment with an Erasmus exchange student which is great, as I really enjoy being in an international environment..and I get to practice my French!!!! Yes!!!!

So that is the news so far, and I will try to give you more regular updates now! Sorreeeee! 😥

Just my Cup of Tea!

Did you know that this week is National Afternoon Tea Week in the UK? I certainly didn’t until just now! Well, why not grab yourself your favourite hot drink and make some delicious and nutritious sandwiches (they don’t have to have the crusts cut off!) and celebrate with me?!

Afternoon tea in the summer house (old effect)

Almost packed!

Well, as the title suggests, I’m almost packed (apart from the last-minute essentials of course). Phew! I’m not sure how I’m going to ‘pass’ my cases to my Dad, though!

Anyway, I thought I’d show some of my new kitchenware/boudoir items as I recently bought them to go with my ‘country boudoir’ theme and ‘pastel/colour pop’ kitchen theme.

Here they are:-
2014-07-24 13.13.47

2014-07-24 13.07.31

Party photos

So, I know this is really late and I’m sorry about that but I just had a rather hectic week. However, the party went well, apart from several cancellations (!) and it seemed like everyone had a great time. Chats and giggles went on well into the night and the final guests departed at Midnight. We cleared up and I fell asleep at 02:00! A good night had by all, I think, with a fantastic, summery, celebratory atmosphere. Thanks to everyone who came 🙂Image


Some Christmas ideas

So…. here are just some brief Christmas ideas which, of course, may well change, but at least I won’t be worrying about what to do hehe! I will definitely be cosying up and making a special dinner and Skyping lots 🙂

1. Get up-to-date with all my uni work (done pre and post Christmas)
2. Go to a Christmas market or two
3. Go to a Christmas carol event/service at a church
4. Watch the Lucia Day celebrations (December 13th, so well before)
5. Watch Christmas films- may buy ‘Elf’ and ‘Santa Claus the movie’
6. Have a lazy day or two
7. Have a pamper day- beauty/bathing products, candles, Christmas music, Christmas pyjamas, Christmas socks!
8. Have a baking day and make my own Christmas dinner hehe!
9. Have a tidying day
10. Take a city break in Stockholm or Gothenburg to get into the Christmas spirit with even more markets and glogg outside in the snow
11. Have fun in the natural surroundings and have a photo session
12. Have a crafty time!- Cards, candles, decorations, gifts, etc.

Finally, on the room inspiration-front, here are some great tips from good old Zoella 🙂

If you have any more suggestions or even better suggestions, or if you’ve ever been alone for Christmas then please feel free to comment if you wish 🙂

What to pack for winter in Scandi

This post is more of a female-orientated suggestive packing list, however I’m sure that any guys reading this can follow suit or create their own.

I would suggest taking the following items as absolute basics:-


thick pyjamas

hat, scarf, gloves, huge snow-proof, rain-proof coat

socks-normal and fluffy bed socks

lip balm

cream (hand/face/moisturiser)

several jumpers

fleece leggings (jeans are NO GOOD)

snow boots

vest tops for layering (as with the leggings)

And anything else you think may be necessary.

However, if you are going there for several months or to live permanently and are specifically wondering about winter time, then these are some further suggestions:-

candles- if you love a particular scent and don’t know if it will be sold there then I would say that it’s better to be safe than sorry and just take it

teas- as sbove, but about flavour. However, they do usually have many teas but not so many English brands like PG tips or Yorkshire tea at normal prices.

hot chocolate brands- as above, and they have their own which are really tasty, but again, if you prefer to stick with what you know, then take it rather than leave it behind

bathing/beauty products- again, as above, if you’re unsure if it will be stocked then bring it along

your Christmas stocking(s)- you never know what Santa may bring!

heavy duty lip balms- brands that spring to mind are:- Vaseline, Carmex, Soap&Glory, Burt’s Bees, Body Shop, etc

hot water bottle and/or heat wheat bag

hairdryer- it can be fatal for your hair/neck if you step outside with wet hair and a hat on in the snowy/wet conditions

therefore adaptor plugs, unless you decide to buy your own electrical products from Scandi

any favourite mugs that make you think of home or personalise your space a little bit- perfect for hot chocolate and marshmallows or spiced mulled wine

Christmas nail polishes- they don’t of course have to specifically be for Christmas/winter, but that kind of tone- for example, wine/berry/burgundy/aubergine/mushroom/light purple/grey/red/white

anything else that takes your fancy

There are also some more autumn/winter tips (not specific to Scandi but fantastic nonetheless!) from the lovely Zoella which you can take a look at. 🙂

So I hope that these tips proved quite useful, and if you have any other suggestions, then please feel free to comment 🙂







Packing for Scandi

Just been having a few lazy days this week as unfortunately, I caught a rather nasty bug so have been lazing around and taking it steady.
However, today I started to feel a bit better (finally, hooray!) so reviewed my winter/Christmas products to take with me to Scandi. Unfortunately this year I won’t be flying home for Christmas (I just invented a new Christmas song there, Chris Rea!), as there are no flights!!!! (WHAAAAAATT?!?!) Well, to be more precise, there are flights lasting 22 hours and for these I must take a train to Copenhagen which in itself is a seven hour train journey BUT THEN I have to stay overnight in a hotel (not bad-but more expense) AND the flight is, as I said, a ridiculous 22 hours long as we would fly to Stockholm (this is essentially where I would start my journey from anyway- #wasteoftime) and then to Oslo and THEN to Heathrow and finally into Manchester. And these flights aren’t cheap either! And, this is the drumroll part, THERE ARE NO RETURN FLIGHTS!! What’s that all about?! It’s about as much use as a chocolate teapot!!

So anywaaay (sorry, I think I went off on a rather large tangent there!), I was reviewing what I’ve planned to take for Christmas, but it’s so hard as I don’t want my parents to have to take LOOOOADS of my stuff which could be viewed as unnecessary hehe! So I have packed:-

2 rolls of paper
natural garden twine
red and white raffia and plain ribbons
Christmas cards
LOTS of tealight holders
1 Christmas candle
Christmas pyjamas
LOTS of Crimbo decs
Jumpers/winter coat
Autumn coat
fleece leggings- many pairs hehe!
vest tops
woolly socks, hats, scarves, gloves
novelty socks
a Christmas stocking
snow boots
a blanket
hot water bottle

HOWEVER, I am currently in a crisis mode as I CANNOT FIND MY GORGEOUS VANILLA TEALIGHTS FROM LAGERHAUS, SWEDEN!! If you have any idea where they might be, please comment with your suggestions!

AND I just received some lip balm pots from the Body Shop which I know, from experience, are ESSENTIAL. I chose the strawberry one and the raspberry one as I am currently finishing the satsuma and the pomegranate ones and my Mum loved these so she kept those and I got the other two aforementioned flavours.

I now need to start making my Christmas plans, as I will be alone for Christmas and need to plan the day and the night before so I won’t feel too homesick.

And I may create a post about what to pack for a Scandi winter break-long or short. It may sound silly, but honestly, there are things which I wish I’d brought and others that I wished I’d left behind to create more space.

Baking Day!

Today, in preparation for tomorrow’s celebrations, I am going to be baking, baking, baking! So far, the list is as follows:-

1 rhubarb paj
50 vanilla cupcakes with buttercream icing and glace cherries
1 chocolate and nutella cake with melted chocolate, nutella and chocolate curls

Also, tomorrow, I will be creating some fish dishes and making homemade burgers for the barbeque. Mmmm!!
Off to the shops I go in search of rhubarb- otherwise there will be no rhubarb paj!